artmix 06

Lunch (Nathalie, Christoph and Alexander) in front of the Konschthaus and window with Lena's video-work behind; Lena at work

Nathalie (fighting the café-machine) and Christoph cutting some paper... ... to build this construction

Christoph´s studio with chimney-piece and his "fish" (still under construction)

Lena's colourful space

Reception (Christoph's studio in the background) and entrance of the gallery-studio with a mixed-media installation by Lena and her dog Carlos

Nathalie's studio shown from both sides (and herself hidden behind her desk)

Alexander's cave with reading room and a video-lecture about public control (by Dr. Zurawski, University of Hamburg) and his desk

Creating a self-portrait (beeing televised by the house's surveillance-system while working) and trying to explain his cryptic idea to Pete

Opening: Edmont, Zenia Malmer(who's curating the artmix in Luxembourg) and Ms. Mathieu from the Department of Culture, Saarbrücken (German artmix-
partner). Mme Kohn-Stoffels from the Ministery of Culture talking to the audience and Mme. Modert, the Ministress of Culture, Luxembourg

Why not having some drinks at the BAR after "finsihing" a work in progress; Lena explains her work to a jounalist from the "Saarbrücker Zeitung"

Aperetif with Nathalie's parents (both artist's as well) in front of their studio in Dudelange. After lunch walking through the forest Hardt

Having a rest at MUDAM's café (Museum of Contemporary Art, Luxembourg) and next day (after visiting Villa Vauban) at the bar named Interview.

In front of the gallery-space underneath the most famous attraction of the City of Luxembourg. Inside: posing as artists in Nathalie's studio. Lena,
her friend and artist Pia and Mr. Adam joining the last "Donnerstags-Bar".

Fabienne is taking a look at Nathalie's work, Markus (artist from Trier) takes one into the catalogues. Lena, Christoph and Alexander late night...